Desperate journey. By Hamdi Abdikani Shire

The unprecedented mass exodus of migrants grabbed the glare of the International media around the world. The heart wrenching news of the death of Aylan Kurdi, a three year old Syrian boy who was drowned together with his mother and brother and washed ashore of Turkey has caught the world by surprise. It has elicited endless debate over the magnitude and urgency of the migrant crisis.

Hamdi Abdikani Shire

A raging debate over such overwhelming movement that has never been seen beforeemerged and several unanswered questions have been asked. This is a calamity that has claimed the lives of 1727 lives so far and a lot more could be lost if the current situation continues.

Most of these migrants are from war-torn countries where poverty, unemployment, lack of proper education, poor health and sanitation are life threatening factors.To escape from this mayhem, they embarked on desperate and deadly journey with the hope of finding better life while risking it all in the process.

The migrants walked several miles, endure thirst and hunger, face torture, poor hygiene, diseases,and sexual abuses. And for all of these, there is no guarantee that the country of their destination will accept them and that they will find a better life they dreamt of.

In order to discover and learn more about this desperate journey, I talked to one of the migrant who made it to Europe through the Mediterranean Sea. He was lucky that he made it alive. He shared with me a shocking revelation of his encounter of the journey and what it is like being a migrant in the long desert and harsh sea.

“I wouldn’t have recommended anyone to risk his/her life by traveling through that horrific route. It is a risky move and a matter of life and death” said Abdiwali. He has since published his first book capturing the nightmares migrantsface.

He recalls one of the most terrifying experiences from his colleagues. He says, there were group of Somali migrants who have been victimized, tortured and brutally beaten by smugglers. At certain point, death is inevitable for them either by the smugglers or the authorities.

Despite the fact that most European countries have shown support for this emerging situation there is a need for clear direction as to how to curb this problem once and for all by the International community. Equally,there is a need by the Somali government and all the affected countries to take a keen action to halt this mass movement and to create a favorable environment where love and peace exist. The world is a global village, what affects one affects all. Let’s stop war and violence in all its ramifications.


Master of psychology at Kampala university


Nagala Soo Xiriir


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